Breast Cancer:
What’s my risk?

More than 80% of women who develop breast cancer have little to no family history of the disease. BREVAGen is a simple swab-based test that can help determine your risk of developing breast cancer.

Is BREVAGen right for you?

Life Experiences

See how BREVAGen has helped women and their doctors better understand how to deal with their breast cancer risk.

Start By Being Proactive

Diagnosed early, the survival rate for breast cancer is 95%. Detected at later stages, it drops to just 41%. Early detection and having a Breast Health Plan based on your individual risk is vital to beating the disease.
Step 1 » Assess your clinical risk

In just a few minutes, calculate your risk of developing breast cancer against the general US population.

What is BREVAGen?

BREVAGen uncovers your risk of developing breast cancer in the next 5 years and over your lifetime.
Step 2 » Find a doctor

Next, discuss your results with a doctor. You may be a candidate for BREVAGen.

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